About us

A Family story

In the heart of Tuscany, there is a small family company able to combine innovation with tradition...

It might seem the same old (beautiful) story about wine producers strolling round a vineyard talking about their craft. But it’s not. Or better, it’s not only about this.

When innovation kisses tradition

Fratelli Saraceni™ is the personal project of two brothers who have transformed with an extraordinary ambition a prestigious but little-known family business into a leading brand on the Italian and global wine scene, a favorite of cosmopolitans and wine lovers throughout the World.

It’s the story of a family who wants to share what they love, and the lifelong goal of sharing the magic of Saraceni Wines™ with the aim of creating peerless moments.

"Popping a bottle of SaraceniWines sends a direct signal to the brain that something special is about to happen."

Uncork a wonderful world

🔥 Sold out 5x worldwide

⭐️ 30,000+ 5-stars reviews

🍷 5+ million glasses enjoyed in over 28 countries

😍 Sweet, bubbly, reds, rosé... (yes, we have something for everyone!)

🚚 Get comfy, Delivered right to your door

😎 No commitment, not another wine club

👍 Vegan friendly & gluten free

🇮🇹 Made in Italy, 🌎 loved worldwide


Loved and featured by the press, too.

Saraceni Wines™ is a family, it's happiness, it's fun with friends and family, it's color, it's uniqueness & excellence, it's partying and friendship, it's positive vibes and sharing.

Join the Revolution

The one where we ring your doorbell to deliver the products of your choice. With no middlemen, because we deliver directly to you from the winery in the heart of Italy. This is how we imagined, and still, believe, your shopping experience should be.

Despite our humble beginnings, where we packed and tied each box with ribbons in our small 'Bottega', we dedicated our time and undivided attention to detail to ensure our packages were delivered with love. With the growth of our family, we’ve had to ask for a little help the experts in logistics to ensure you receive your orders in perfect conditions, on time, every time. From the comfort of your home, ordering your new favorites is made easy.

"Wine is

an amazing journey... The discovery of new wines, new regions, and new vintages is what keeps wine exciting to novices and enthusiasts alike.

For us, the allure of that journey and the chance to create something excellent to share with our family, friends, and guests have driven us to explore and delve into the world of wine.

As in any exciting journey, the wine we make has a rich and long history, it is part of a well deep-rooted tradition. It travels the whole world to get to you and we create it to be perfect for sharing and making great memories around the table."