Christmas Wine Pairings

From breakfast to appetizers, from dinner to dessert, our Christmas’ “wine pairing guide” has you covered. Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry. Giving a little thought on which wines to pair with every course will do wonders for your holiday celebrations.



Upside-Down Apple French Toast with Cranberries and Pecans + Volare

Waking up on Christmas day is something special for any age. Start the day off with a recipe that will bring everyone around the table to laugh and smile about the great day ahead.
Try pairing your Christmas’ breakfast/brunch with Volare.

Recipe: Upside-Down Apple French Toast with Cranberries and Pecans



Pears With Blue Cheese and Prosciutto + Blumond

It is always advisable to start with a sparkling wine to refresh the palate and hone your taste buds for the next course. Try pairing Blumond with “Pears With Blue Cheese and Prosciutto”. 

Recipe: Pears With Blue Cheese and Prosciutto


The Perfect Cheese Board + Libero Chianti

A good cheese platter with a variety of aged and soft cheeses paired with a savory red wine is a must for any holiday get-together. Try our Libero Chianti DOCG; its rich bouquet of cherries and berries, its hints of violet with a long and delicate spice and its refreshing acidity typical of Sangiovese, expertly combined with the softness of Merlot, will go well with any holiday cheese board. 

Recipe: Perfect Cheese Board


Main Course

Glazed Ham with Coriander and Fennel + Libero Toscana IGT

Dinner time! Bring everyone together and try pairing our Libero Toscana with this classic Christmas recipe.

Recipe: Glazed Ham With Coriander and Fennel



Triple Chocolate Cheese Cake + Splendia

What is better than indulging in a triple chocolate cheese cake while sipping an Italian sparkling strawberry wine? Try the light, delicate and fruity, Splendia and give your guests something to daydream about for the rest of the year.

Recipe: Triple Chocolate Cheesecake


Carrot Cake + Prosecco DOC

One dessert and one wine after Christmas dinner is never enough… try this decadent carrot cake with our Prosecco DOC and toast to good friends, good food, and of course… good wine! 

Recipe: Carrot Cake


Merry Christmas!!!

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